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Nike Court Vision Lows- Women’s 10.5

Nike Court Vision Lows- Women’s 10.5

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Brand New Nike Court Vision Sneakers- Women’s 10.5/ Men’s 9

White PU Leather 

Three Options:

Option 1- One Design/ Image on each shoe

Option 2- Multiple Designs/ Up to 3 Images on each Shoe

Option 3- All Over Designs and Colors- this means your entire shoe x 2 can be covered with your chosen theme. Color blocks and all.

**Already Painted Shoes shown in pictures are not for sale, this is to show you what you can have, one of these designs or ANY design you choose. 

All Custom Shoes receive matching color shoelaces

Pick your choice and we will collaborate from there. Shoe Customs take a minimum 4-6 weeks based on the design.

Note- Once an item is ordered, you and I will work together to create your product. If you have a question prior to ordering of a specific design or item, please reach out to me by clicking the 'Contact' tab on the Menu Page.


Shoes are hand painted with Premium Leather paint and sealed to ensure to cracking, peeling or fading of the paint. Sealant also protects the images from being damaged from water.

Please note: Although these are sealed to protect the images, custom shoes are not meant for inclement weather or rigorous activities. Over time with excessive use they will wear as any shoe will. Proper maintenance is required to keep the shoes looking new. To Clean: wipe with a clean damp cloth and wipe dry.

Care information

Gently wipe with a slightly damp cloth, wipe dry. Do not leave moisture on the image.

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